Teaching & Learning: Creative Attributes, Preparation for working life

Thoughts About Employability:
– Who is saying what makes someone employable? Do students have an agency?
– is there a balance betwen sel-employment and employment? ho wo you manage sel-employability? what do we (teachers) do about it?
– How do we apply (or link) skills we learn at uni to the Real world / industry?
– Technical skills change quickly,  how do we manage to keep up? . . . by the time we are out of uni, skills might be our of date
– Subjectivity of employability
– How do a student can hold on to the ‘criticality’ learned at uni? Research skills are high on the list of things students say they use after uni.
– How do we balance Versatility & Specialism
– Privilege vs Determination
– Political assumptions (neoliberal assumptions): “anybody can make it if they work hard”
– Dyslexia (disability) & Employability
– When do students get they job?
– How do we support the employability of international students?
– International + cultural issues in the classroom: how do you know what time of employavility skill they will need in their country of origin?
– what do students thing they make them employable: the fact they went to central st martins (priviledge)
CSM promotes priviledge by advertising the courses as seal of aproval for employavility
– social entreprise (ethics)

Then we had a presentation: Creative Attributes Workshop – slides

We look at a list of Employavility terminology used in Higher Education

Further Reading:

We watch a video if the Editor of Creative Review, talking about employavility.

Here is his advice if you want to work for them:

-“know what we do”
– they want proactive people, showing they are interested and engaged with the magazine
– the person need to show intelligence and confidence about themselves, willingness to question: ‘criticality’
– apply to competitions
– looking for new voices / new ideas, a person with an individual voice

We also talked about how students make their own networks (collaborative model)